The State Capture Commission has dismissed AfriForum’s application to cross-examine ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa because it was outside of the commission’s rules.

Justice Raymond Zondo says for a person to apply for leave to cross-examine, that person must be implicated by the witness.

AfriForum told Zondo they wanted to question Ramaphosa about cadre deployment and decisions that were taken when he was chairman of the cadre deployment committee.

AfriForum wants Ramaphosa to answer on ANC’s cadre deployment policy: 

AfriForum legal counsel, Mia du Plessis, failed to convince Zondo.

“It is the ANC view that the cadre deployment is inconsistent with the view of fairness and transparency and merits in the appointments of individuals to public entities. When advocate Pretorious proposed to President Ramaphosa there has been evidence that the deployment policy goes far beyond merit, President Ramaphosa denied this and stated that the deployment commission merely recommends. In this regard chair, we would like to hear from President Ramaphosa.”

The commission will continue to hear more applications on Wednesday.

State Capture Commission hears applications for leave to cross-examine various witnesses: