AfriForum welcomes court ruling preventing government from donating money to Cuba

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Civil rights organisation, AfriForum, has welcomed Tuesday’s court ruling upholding an interdict that prevents the Department of International Relations from donating money to Cuba.

The High Court in Pretoria on Tuesday dismissed, with costs, the government’s leave to appeal an earlier ruling involving a R50 million donation to Cuba.

Afriforum opposed the appeal, arguing that it was the court’s responsibility to ensure departments act within the law and that the money rather be used to benefit the citizens of South Africa.

“We are very happy with the judgement and the ruling has been upheld. The court ruled that an interim judgement, such as an interdict preventing the R50 million donation, was not in the interest of justice to be overturned and now the review application will be heard at a later date which will decide the merits of the donation. We do believe that this leave to appeal application just shows how desperate the government is to squander this much-needed tax money that could have been used to benefit the citizens in this country,” says AfriForum’s Reiner Duvenage.