Afriforum seeks legal advice following ruling on public display of old SA flag

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Lobby group, Afriforum says it is taking legal advice following the latest judgement by the Supreme Court of Appeal that the gratuitous public display of the old South African flag constitutes hate speech.

Afriforum brought the matter before the court last year, arguing that displaying the old flag, during the 2017 Black Monday protests against farm killings, was not planned.

AfriForum’s Ernst van Zyl says despite acknowledging that the flag is viewed as offensive to several members of society, the lobby group’s challenge is on issues of freedom of speech.

“We still have to have more conversations with our legal team, which will happen on Monday, and then we will decide. So, there is no decision yet on what our next steps will be. But we will keep the public up to date when we have decided. We do not encourage people to do that. When it comes to Afriforum’s stance, it is that when it comes to freedom of expression, you do not limit freedom of expression. That is what it is to have the right to freedom of expression.

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Meanwhile, the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s Neo Mokgopa has welcomed the SCA’s judgement.

“As the foundation, we are encouraged by the judgement. It is a win for everybody in SA that is committed to this project of nation building and protecting everybody’s dignity. This is a symbol that discriminates against people and constitutes harassment against people.”