AfriForum ready with private prosecution of Dududzane Zuma

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AfriForum is prepared to continue with the private prosecution of Duduzane Zuma should Shaun Abrahams and the National Prosecuting Authority again decide not to re-instate the charges against former president Jacob Zuma’s son.

This after the organisation said that they were alerted by the head of the prosecuting authority that he would be reviewing the initial decision not to prosecute Duduzane Zuma for his role in the crash that claimed the life of Mekelina Dube on the M1 in 2014.

AfriForum’s CEO Kallie Kriel says that Abrahams also has two other major cases that the NPA needs to take under review, otherwise AfriForum will act.

“The second is in regard to former president Zuma because the court set aside the decision not to prosecute him and the third place is the decision not to prosecute Advocate Jiba, which was also set aside by the court. So there are three decisions that need to be taken now for people who are linked to Zuma or Zuma himself and if Shaun Abrahams decides not to prosecute, then AfriForum, under the leadership of advocate Gerrie Nel, will take on private prosecutions in all three of these cases.”