AfriForum Deputy CEO, Ernst Roets, has expressed concern over the possibility of escalating protests if government does not urgently address the issue of farm attacks and murders.

On Tuesday, a group of farmers stormed the Senekal Magistrate’s Court in the Free State where two men appeared briefly for the murder of farm manager, Brendin Horner. A police vehicle was also burnt in the ramapage.

Roets says while Tuesday’s violence cannot be condoned, the community’s anger is understandable.

“We are, however, concerned that this is the type of thing that is probably going to happen again if the violence and the murders and the tortures continue and the state president continues denying the problem or downplaying the problem and the minister of police continues saying that this should not be a priority for the police. This is the consequence of people losing faith in government and losing faith in the police to deal with this problem,” says Roets.

In the video below farmers call for the return of the death penalty: