AfriForum demands answers regarding Zuma’s medical parole

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Civil rights organisation, AfriForum, has sent a lawyer’s letter to the National Commissioner of Correctional Services, Arthur Fraser, urgently requesting answers, within three days, regarding former President, Jacob Zuma’s medical parole.

AfriForum Head of Policy and Action, Ernst Roets says they want to know if  Zuma suffers from a terminal disease.

Former President Jacob Zuma placed on medical parole

If not, they want the details of the injury, disease or illness which justified Zuma’s medical parole.

Afriforum further wants to know how Fraser came to the conclusion that Zuma will not transgress again.

Roets says they’ve also requested copies of the application for medical parole and the medical report that followed.

“One would have guessed with a matter as sensitive and high profile as this one, the Department of Correctional Services would have taken extra care to make sure there are no unanswered questions by the public as to why former President Jacob Zuma was released on medical parole,” says Roets.

Roets says questions the legality of Zuma’s release.

“It appears that the contrary has happened and it seems as if the legal requirements were not followed with this decision, which is why AfriForum submitted an urgent attorneys letter on the department in which we ask for answers to be provided by the 10th of September. Depending on the answers we receive, we will decide if further legal action is necessary,” adds Roets.

Experts have described his release as a distraction to bigger issues that are confronting the country.

The Department of Correctional Services granted Zuma medical parole on Sunday on the basis of a medical report it received from his doctors.

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