Afriforum calls for unique strategy against farm attacks

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Civil rights organisation, AfriForum, says protesters and supporters of #BlackMonday are calling for the development and implementation of a consolidated strategy against farm attacks.

Reports indicate there have been over 340 attacks and at least 65 murders on farms in 2017.

Afriforum says Monday’s nationwide protests are an impassioned plea to the Police Department to take action against the attacks.

There are traffic delays on major traffic routes across the country.

AfriForum deputy CEO, Ernst Roets, “We are saying that these attacks must be prioritised and by that we mean as a first step there has to be stats released annually. For it to be a priority crime we are not saying it must be an agenda somewhere where they have a meeting four times a year, we mean there must be a focused counter-strategy, there must be a rural safety strategy that mentions farm attacks as a particular problem, that deals with a particular counter strategy and that is a basic policing principle.”

He adds: “We are not saying farmers must be protected because they are more special than anyone else. We are saying the basic police principle that when you deal with a unique crime you need to develop a unique counter strategy that has to be implemented.”