AfriForum calls for scrapping of ‘racially discriminatory’ draft laws

Workplace equity
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AfriForum says it has submitted comments to the Department of Employment and Labour, regarding draft regulations on proposed sectoral numerical race targets.

In its comments, AfriForum argues that racially discriminatory legislation should be scrapped by the government in general and in all facets of society, including employment, sports and education.

AfriForum Head of Public Relations, Ernest Van Zyl says, “South Africa has had racially discriminatory policies for decades – these are sectoral targets, where there’s racial targets for the employment sectors. It’s just another symptom of it or a version of it and in this regard, it’s pretty much just an example of racial bean-counting – where a sector has to hire a certain amount of every race to be a demographically representative. These types of policies might have the names that sound very noble and a name like affirmative action or redress, but they are not achieving what they set out to achieve. They pretty much just create small elites that benefit from these types of policies.”

Opposing views 

Meanwhile, Analyst Gqubule Duma says he disagrees with AfriForum’s stance.

Duma says that many companies with white management often come up with baseless excuses for not wanting to place black professionals into senior management roles.

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