The Africa’s New Dawn for South Africa (Andsa) political party says if they are voted into power they will ensure that the majority of people get entry into the mainstream economy.

The party’s founder, Mpho Ramakatsa launched their manifesto in Phomolong, Bloemfontein ahead of the 1 November local government elections.

The party was established in 2019 and will contest the election for the first time.

Ramakatsa says they will stamp out corruption, and ensure that their public representatives, who fail to serve the people, are removed.

He says co-operatives will be encouraged to stimulate economic participation.

“We’ve started already registering co-operatives for them, and there are those that are already operating because we help them to source the goods and services that they want reasonably, and we empower them with education, financial management in terms of managing the business. We are not promising things that we’ve not started implementing. We are a party that has been there for the past two years. We’ve been working the ground with our people, empowering them economically. This will just be a continuation,” says Ramakatsa.

Residents of the newly-established settlement, Phomolong, say their challenges are many.

“The needs are water and electricity. As you can see our youth is suffering, they are so frustrated because they are being promised jobs and all of those things and these people they don’t deliver,” says one of the residents.

Another resident says, “I think if we can give Andsa an opportunity, I believe they can give us whatever we are looking for. What we need for this community is for the toilets to be built and water and electricity, all the services we are asking for.”