Africans mark the 60th anniversary of Africa Day

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With Africa Day being celebrated, those who had to leave their countries of birth to seek out a living in South Africa say opportunities are better here. Today marks the 60th anniversary of Africa Day. The day commemorates the creation of the African Union formerly known as the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), and is celebrated across the African continent.

Aena Mwenze, a mother of four is one of many Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) nationals who came to South Africa. She’s been in the country for the past 13-years with her husband – after leaving their family in the DRC.

“I came to South Africa because of my husband was on hunt as a doctor and for marriage I was supposed to follow him here,” says Mwenze.

Difficult to adjust at first, she managed to start her own decorating business. She’s remembering her roots and still prepares the traditional delicacies of the DRC. She wants everyone on the African continent to live in harmony.

“Now in South Africa life here is very fine. At the beginning it was quite difficult, the language for us and the integrity but now it’s very okay. Everywhere in South Africa it’s like that but as we are all in the same continent I think we are trying to live nicely according to the culture. We also find here in this country and we accommodate ourselves in,” Mwenze adds.

Sam Kofi Ohemeng, a 43-year-old Ghanainian national, has been in South Africa for the past nine-years. He came here too for better opportunities. Africa Day, he says is about independence.

“Africa Day means a lot to me because it’s a day I see we get independence from the white I would say slavery. We have our own and we do our own thing. We go in the way we want so it’s a great day for me seeing my other African brothers and sisters moving around freely,” says Ohemeng.

Africa Day is an opportunity to celebrate African diversity and success, and to highlight the cultural and economic possibilities that exist in Africa.

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