There’s an outbreak of African swine fever in the Campbell area outside Kimberley. This is the fifth outbreak of the fever since the first reported epidemic in the province in 2017.

The current outbreak was spotted at a pig farm in Campbell where the farmer lost several pigs.

Department of Agriculture Spokesperson, Zandisile Luphahla says the affected farm will be placed under quarantine and disease control measures will be applied to prevent the disease from spreading.

“African swine fever is a highly contagious viral disease of pigs, that is characterised by high mortalities. The recent outbreak was spotted in a pig farm, where the farmer lost 30 pigs within 3 days  after noticing that they were sick the previous day. The pathology report of the 2 pigs sent to the private veterinarian were suggestive of the presence of African swine fever on the farm. These are free range pigs raised in three different camps of approximately 250 hectares mixed with wildlife, cattle and goats.”