African parliamentarians have lamented the announcement by the United States government that it will implement major reductions in foreign aid.

America is a major financial contributor to peacekeeping and humanitarian aid in Africa. It has given more than R25 billion for aid in South Sudan since the start of the conflict in 2013.

President of the Pan African Parliament Bernadette Lahai says, as the continent, the party is concerned that America has announced that they are going to cut aid.

“No country is independent from each other. We want fair trade not aid.”

On Monday, the African Parliament also lashed out at the South African government for failing to provide them with adequate security.

This emerged at the parliament’s seating in Midrand where members relayed incidents of muggings and attacks they suffered at the hands of criminals.

The security issue has been used by some members to call for the relocation of the Pan African Parliament headquarters to another country.