African leaders call for action to address continental energy problems

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Delegates at the Zambia’s National Economic Summit have called for urgent action to address the Africa’s energy problems.

Many countries on the continent are struggling with issues of power shortages due to various reasons.

Countries within the Southern African Development Community (SADC) are experiencing electricity shortage problems. Most of these countries depend on Eskom for power supply.

For the region to address the crisis, country leaders must work together.

Zimbabwe has been struggling recently with loadshedding that lasts up to 18-hours a day. The country’s Energy Minister, Fortune Chasi, recently visited South Africa to engage Eskom on their mega debt.

The reality of the power and energy challenges are affecting economic growth on the region and on the continent.

Eskom will receive a R59 billion bailout from the South African government. The country’s Finance Minister Tito Mboweni made the announcement this week.

During the summit, the energy discussion dominated the talks. Industry leaders in the SADC are paying attention to effects that lack of energy is having on the economy.

They realise that addressing the crisis should be made a priority for all countries.

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