Former President Thabo Mbeki says Africa should not be distracted by US President Donald Trump’s alleged derogatory remarks.

Mbeki was speaking to SABC News on the side-lines of the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

By contrast to the harsh remarks, Trump wrote a letter to the African Union wishing the summit a successful meeting and saying the United States profoundly respects the partnerships and values it shares with the African Union, its member states and citizens across the continent.

Mbeki says Africa should conduct itself with dignity.

“We should be big enough to understand that you know you would have people like that even if they hold positions in important countries like United States who’ll say things that are not that intelligent and we shouldn’t be so distracted about that because we know that we are not that thing. This unpronounceable word we’re not that and then let’s conduct ourselves with dignity and not be disturbed,” says Mbeki.

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