Africa Podcast Day | Where radio and television will not reach, podcasts fill the gap

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Saturday is Africa Podcast Day, a day set aside to celebrate African podcasters. Podcasting may be relatively new in Africa, but the continent is not short of stories and storytellers.

Where radio and Television will not reach, the podcast is filling the gap As our team in Kenya found out.

At a private studio in Nairobi, Anna Wanjiru hosts a guest for the 4th episode of her podcast Anna Dives. Anna is a health and wellness expert and one of a growing number of podcasters in Kenya and indeed Africa.

“What inspired me is the need to have conversations about health and wellness space that are relevant for us here in Africa and there are amazing experts who can impact somebody’s life.”

Africa Podcast Day I Celebrating African podcasters

Unlike many podcasters who choose to do it from the comfort of their homes, she decided to use Sema Box studios for pre-production and post-production services.

‘The youngest person we have here is 19, the oldest is in her 60s, everyone seems to be podcasting right now.”

Aceda says the podcast scene in Kenya, East Africa and indeed the continent keeps growing from strength to strength.

“We incubate podcasts at Sema Box. What that means is we are an early investors in the show. If we think it has high potential, we invest in it early. We built it up and then we can do revenue split with our creators.”

It is this potential that Josephine Karianjahi and Melissa Mbugua, the founders of Africa Podfest and the brains behind the Africa Podcast Day saw and decided to come up with an annual festival, the Africa Podfest to celebrate African podcasters as well as evaluate their journey this far. This is the third Africa podfest.

The theme for this year’s Podcast day is “Podcasting is Freedom” is it?

Karianjahi says “You can definitely make money from podcasting.”

So next time, you have something to say – you may just consider putting it in a podcast.