Africa needs strong political leaders to progress: Obasanjo

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The African continent needs leaders, who are in pursuit of peace and stability to achieve cohesion. That’s according to former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo.

He delivered the inaugural Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi Lecture in Durban on Tuesday. Obasanjo hailed Buthelezi for his contribution to building a democratic South Africa.

Long-time friend Obasanjo shared details of his personal interaction with Buthelezi. The former statesman says it was because of leaders like Buthelezi that South Africa avoided a civil war after the first democratic elections.

“You accepted defeat and cooperatively in the best interest of the people you excluded violence, ladies and gentlemen while South Africa was able to avoid a civil war many countries in Africa had not been so lucky including my own country Nigeria what we are very often see develop in many cases is circle of conflicts and issues that remain unresolved and leaders who find it difficult to cooperate with those who yesterday they saw as enemies.”

AmaZulu King Misuzulu KaZwelithini also pays tribute to Buthelezi, saying Buthelezi is among the great leaders, who had a vision for a free and prosperous Africa.

“Today we celebrate and acknowledge the life and contribution that one of our greatest African leaders. His contribution to Africa’s collective struggle and consciousness movement places him in the midst of special leaders of yesteryears who had a vision for a free, developed, prosperous disease-free and united Africa.”

‘The truth cannot be hidden’

Buthelezi says he yearns for truthful leaders throughout the African continent.

“Regardless of what I suffered because of unjust lies from within the movement I grew up in the truth so that the truth cannot be hidden from Africa’s greatest leaders, considering the words I’ve received I’m reminded that truth always conquers I want to thank his excellency Dr. Obasanjo for telling us his truth today it is only when we work with facts and truth that we are able to overcome our obstacles and solve problems and achieve our full potential and that is my hope not only for South Africa but for the whole of this continent.”

Prince Buthelezi was also applauded for his role in ensuring that traditional leadership is well respected across the continent.

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