Afghan nationals only raised Taliban issue in court

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The Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi says Afghan nationals who want to be allowed to enter the country to apply for asylum only raised the issue of the Taliban following them to Pakistan in court.

The North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria ruled in favour of the 22 Afghan nationals.

An American NGO is representing the group that claims to be fleeing from the Taliban.

Motsoaledi, who briefed Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee on the outcome of the court case, says his department is in the process of seeking legal advice.

“The other thing that was raised in court but which the judge did not accept because he said it’s not in the affidavit, was that they argued that they went to Afghanistan, and they were there when the Taliban came into Pakistan.”

“They went from Afghanistan into Pakistan and then when they were there, the Taliban followed them to Pakistan and then attacked them. That’s why they left. The judge rejected that kind of evidence on the basis that it was not on their affidavit. They can’t just start raising it in court.”

The video below is the full interview with the Minister: