Administrative improvements were made to boost revenue collections: SARS

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The South African Revenue Service Commissioner, Edward Kieswetter says they had to make a number of administrative improvements to boost revenue collections for the 2022 budget.

He says those measures, coupled with the higher commodity price cycle, helped SARS to deliver R187-billion extra revenue collection.

Kieswetter was addressing a post-budget webinar hosted by Deloitte South Africa on Thursday.

“This year to date, we’ve had to work through and resolved 2,4 million cases of debt, not all of that was friendly, we’ve had to appoint a few sheriffs, we’ve had to issue five and a half civil judgements, just over 300 000 to third party collection agencies, issued 24 000 letters of demand, those are administrative actions if not done, would mean that revenue stays out of the fiscus. And the longer, those of you who know, there’s an inverse correlation between the age of debt and its collectabilit,” says Kieswetter.

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