Adam Catzavelos apologises for “racist video”

Adam Catzavelos holidaying in Greece.
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Adam Catzavelos has apologised to the nation after using the K-word to describe black people in a video that has since gone viral.

Catzavelos has received a backlash with some calling for him to permanently stay in Greece, where he took the video while on holiday.

He has since been removed as a partner from the family business, St Georges Fine Foods. In his statement on Jacaranda FM, Catzavelos says it must be noted that the views he shared are not the sentiments of other South Africans.

In a statement, verified as authentic by Jacaranda FM, Catzavelos expresses regret over the harm caused by the video.

The statement reads in part: “The extensive damage my unfortunate video has caused to a country desperately trying to heal racial tensions is unacceptable. I have watched my video and feel total shame. I apologise unreservedly for the hurt and harm I have caused.”


He has since been fired from his family business and a number of customers have also cut ties with the family business.

Meanwhile, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members have gathered outside Catzavelos home, demanding a public apology.

EFF secretary in the Ekurhuleni region, Lucky Watkins explains,  “We have no drastic action whatsoever. But to say he needs to apologise for the words he has uttered, insulting black people; and we will stay here until such time that he gives an apology to all the black people of the country for what he has uttered about black people in particular.”