The Water Crisis Coalition has called on Western Cape Premier Helen Zille to allow public access to water that runs from a natural spring outside her residence at Leeuwenhof Estate.

The group, that represents 70 community organisations across the province, picketed outside her residence on Monday to hand over a memorandum of understanding.

In a statement released by the organisation, they are calling on the premier to follow through on an offer she made last year where the public can access, excess water from the spring at at all times.

In a replying statement by Zille’s office, she highlights she has requested the City of Cape Town to feed water from the stream to the Molteno Reservoir where it would be purified for domestic use.

She says this is a work in progress. She adds members of the public may fill bottles from the tap near the security gate at the estate if there is sufficient pressure to do so.

The water , however, is polluted and cannot be used for drinking purposes. The purifier used to clean it is currently non functional, due to silt clogging the the device as result of a reduction in water flow.