Gender rights activists say they expect dozens more demonstrators to join mass protest action on Friday morning in Sandton, north of Johannesburg.

A consortium of 70 civil organisations and individual activists are shutting down the business district for 12 hours, to highlight the rise in the number of gender based violence against women and children.

They are shutting down the city due to what they say is ‘the lack of responsibility or duty of care from corporate businesses’.

Action Aid’s Mandisa Khanyile says more protesters are making their way into Sandton.

Khanyile says, “A lot of our protesters have not arrived yet because the main bus delegation has not come through. But we do have quite a strong contingent here that is keeping the fires burning.”

“We have just come together as civil society saying that we have had enough of hearing stories from government. We marched last year to the union buildings under the #totalshutdown banner and we were made a lot of promises. It is about resources and that is why we have come to Sandton to get those resources to fund the fight against Gender-based violence.”

The protest action is expected to last from 3AM to 3PM. between 10am and 11am activists are hoping to handover of a memorandum.