ActionSA: LGE 2021 Manifesto

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ActionSA, led by businessman Herman Mashaba, launched its 2021 Local Government Elections manifesto at the Old Park Station in Newtown, Johannesburg, on Wednesday, 22 September 2021.

The party’s manifesto was delivered by Mashaba and comprised of six main pillars outlining the party’s goals.

The party was founded in August 2021 and will be participating in elections for the first time.

With the focus to move South Africa forward from corruption and failed government, the party presents itself as a credible alternative to a “broken political system that has failed South Africans for many years”.

Manifesto Priorities:

A customer-centric government that delivers service with pride

The party describes residents as customers who have the right to quality and reliable service delivery by a government that cares for all its residents and takes pride in service excellence.

Ethical and professional public service

ActionSA says it will reform municipalities by appointing only ethical and competent officials who have proven their commitment to public service. The party says corruption and incompetence will have no place in its government.

Efficient and effective administrations

The party says it will end the era of bloated, inefficient administrations that outsource core services to tenderpreneurs or inefficient municipal entities. “We will cut down on ‘Millionaire Managers’ while insourcing front-line staff.”

Caring and inclusive governance

ActionSA says it will adopt a pro-poor plan of action that ensures all residents have access to quality basic services and primary healthcare in municipalities that cater to all their residents.

A business-friendly environment where jobs are created

The party says it will remove red tape making it easier for businesses to succeed, modernise administrations, and support entrepreneurs so that the private sector can nourish and create more job opportunities.

Safety and security

“No country can prosper without the Rule of Law. Criminals should live in fear, not law-abiding citizens.” The party says it will ensure that there are more police officers on the ground, give them proper training, and use technology to assist in preventing crime


Read the full ActionSA 2021 Local Government Elections Manifesto:

-Compiled by Paballo Lephaka, SABC Digital News Producer

-Source – ActionSA Manifesto