Action Society calls for National Register for Sex Offenders to be made public

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EDITORIAL NOTE: An incorrect name was initially used in this story. SABC News referred to “Action SA” instead of “Action Society”.

SABC News has since updated the story with the correct name.

Action Society has called on the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development to make the National Register for Sex Offenders public.

The organisation has launched a campaign called #unmaskthemonsters calling on the government to declare child pornography a priority crime and for perpetrators to receive double life sentences when found guilty of possessing or producing child pornography.

Action Society Spokesperson, Elanie van der Walt, says parents will need to make informed decisions on who they allow around their children if the register is made public.

“We’re not asking for information to be published on a website or to be put on posters, there is still a process that needs to be followed – one of it is that the person that you’re abating needs to give us permission,” says Van der Walt.

“We don’t aim to victimise the perpetrators but we feel that as a public we need to have access to this information if you’re planning on employing someone in your house, or in your garden or even where you’re working, you need to be able to know that person is safe to have around your children,” says  Van der Walt.

“We believe that for sex offenders knowing that the public will have access to this register will serve as some kind of deterrent for future perpetrators,” added Van der Walt.