Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Chief Whip and the Party’s Deputy leader Floyd Shivambu has described AfriForum’s bid to pursue private prosecution against Julius Malema, as a nonsensical attempt to stop the political voice of the EFF.

AfriForum announced earlier Thursday that it will reopen the fraud and corruption charges against Malema which were dropped in 2011.

Shivambu says,” The EFF is of the view that the private prosecution by Afriforum is a nonsensical attempt to suppress the political views of the EFF. AfriForum is known to be opposing the land expropriation without compensation struggle led by the EFF.”

“And they are now resorting to using our laws to suppress the political struggle. And we are going to expose them to who they are. We are going to illustrate to the whole of South Africa that there is no pursuit of the rule of law but it’s just a nonsensical attempt to try and stop the voice of the Economic Freedom Fighters,” says Shivambu.

Meanwhile, civil rights group AfriForum says it’s acting in the interest of all taxpaying South Africans in its bid to have Malema prosecuted.

AfriForum announced in Pretoria today that if the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) does not prosecute Malema by August this year, they will apply for a certificate to prosecute him privately.

They want Malema charged with fraud and corruption relating to tenders awarded to his company On-Point Engineering.

AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel, AfriForum alleges that the NPA is delaying the matter and that amounts to shielding an individual from prosecution.

“The prosecution should just go ahead and that is why we are intervening to put pressure on the National Prosecuting Authority to simply do their work with regard to the interest, also as you’ve mentioned you have to have a specific interest in a particular matter to privately prosecute. We have said from the start that we want to broaden the law in that regard because in this case, every one of us that pays tax has an interest.”

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