Nehawu says it has been taken to court by Acting Secretary to Parliament Baby Tyawa for defamation of character. This, apparently relates to statements Nehawu allegedly made on social media relating to Tyawa.

Nehawu Western Cape Provincial Secretary Baxolise Mali says, “Indeed we want to confirm that the Deputy Secretary to Parliament Baby Tyawa has filed a lawsuit against Nehawu and of course, with two stewardships, the chairperson and the secretary, for the release of the statement which was apparently captured on social media. She is claiming that we must pay her damages of R2.5 million.”

Tyawa was one of the candidates who were vying for the position of the Secretary to parliament. Nehawu says they are opposing the lawsuit against them.

“So, as Nehawu, we are opposing that thing because we think there is no causal link between the statement and her not getting the position. There is currently no set down a date. The matter will be heard once the court decides on a date. And through our attorneys, we are prepared to defend the matter.”