Willie Mathebula, Treasury Acting Chief Procurement Officer

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Day two of the State Capture commission  saw Acting Chief Procurement Officer at Treasury , Willie Mathebula take the stand.

In his submission Mathebula provided information of how the “architecture”of state procurement works. He revealed that the state has procurement spend of some R800-billion per annum.

He gave insight of mechanisms in place at Treasury to ensure those who do wrong are held accountable. Further, submission were provided on how the Public Services Commission (PSC) can follow up and act on reports to ensure action is taken against wrong-doers;  Treasury makes recommendations in writing to the PSC; PSC recommendations can be enforced.

Mathebula  spoke of how at times they battle to get documents for their own investigations. ” We get a lot of complaints ranging from irregular practices and non-payment of suppliers,” he told the commission.

Treasury works with the Department of Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) for monitoring.

On Bid Adjudication Committees 

On issues of procurement, Mathebula alluded that Bid Adjudication Committees (BAC) are critical in the tender processes.  BAC’s are the last leg of the process; Every department has a BAC regardless of national or provincial.  These BAC’s must be cross-functional.  Not prescribed on how long a BAC can exist; accounting officer decides when to rotate BAC composition.  Corrupt BAC/ department accounting officer can keep certain people on the BAC – yes, this can happen. Details were given on how tender procedures are not open to the public.

WATCH Willie Mathebula’s submission below.