Baggage sorting system resolved at OR Tambo: ACSA

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Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) says baggage sorting system which malfunctioned on Friday and Saturday was resolved on Saturday. ACSA says they have partnered with the airlines and delivery services to try and get as many bags delivered to affected passengers.

The airport authority has apologised to passengers for any inconvenience.

“We have partnered with the airline and the delivery services to try and get as many bags delivered to the passengers and some of them came back to the airport to pick up their bags. I’m happy to note that as we speak that of those 400,000 bags that were impacted as of today there is about approximately 140 bags that are still to be collected across the country,” says ACSA’s Terence Delomoney.

The malfunctioning of the system led to several bags not being loaded onto the scheduled departing flights resulting in passengers not receiving their baggage when they arrived at their destinations. The bags had to be sent on later flights.

Delomoney says technicians are on standby should the problem reoccur.

“The baggage association system is really quite a sophisticated mechanical and electronic system that we have and the initial diagnosis of this was before we got the final report. Our focus was really on doing a repair so one of the electronic systems failed at that point in time. That matter was short-circuited but in doing that we couldn’t take that carousel completely out of operation because it was really over the two busier days that we had.”

Terence Delomoney Group Executive Operations Management at ACSA: