Ackerman crimes show need for safe spaces for men and boys to speak on sexual violence

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The non-profit organisation MatrixMen is calling on society to break the silence on sexual abuse against young boys and men.

The founder, Martin Pelders, is reacting to the sentencing of child rape ring kingpin Gerhard Ackerman after being found guilty of over 720 charges.

The organisation advocates for the rights of sexual abuse victims.

Ackerman’s charges included rape, sexual grooming, human trafficking, the possession and creation as well as distribution of child pornography.

Pelders says society must create safer spaces for men and boys to share their stories.

“I’m glad that he was exposed and that all of this has come out and in such a public way. With the death of his accomplice. It’s also a disappointment because talking about the issues that boys face on a daily basis yet society as a whole continues to fixate on the fact that only girls are the victims of sexual abuse, rape and trafficking,” says Pelders.

Child rape kingpin Gerhard Ackerman found guilty of 720 counts: