The African Christian Democratic Party says it cannot support a motion to remove Cape Town Mayor Patricia De Lille until all the correct processes have been followed.

The Democratic Alliance Federal Executive has resolved to retain De Lille as mayor for now.

It has, however, charged her on four counts, including bringing the party into disrepute. The Federal Executive has also handed over the matter to the Federal Legal Commission.

The ACDP’S Grant Haskins says it won’t be drawn into internal party matters.

“The ACDP is pleased to note the DA’s announcement that it is referring all city allegations back to the city for the conclusion of its own investigations. In that regard we have spoken out last week and said that no action should be take out against the mayor in that capacity until allegations against her have been finalized and there’s facts and proof to the allegations so we will not be supporting any notion of no confidence that may be brought against the mayor in the January council meeting.”