ACDP vows to take up the plight of Cape Town’s parking marshals

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The ACDP has described the plight of parking marshals who collect money from motorists at parking bays in Cape Town, as a stain on its reputation as one of the wealthiest cities in the country.

Despite them being employed through a contractor, the party says it’s unacceptable for workers under this dispensation, to struggle to access basic facilities. This follows allegations by some of the parking marshals that their employer does not provide them with bathroom facilities while on duty.

“I struggle a lot to access drinking water and bathrooms even now I don’t know where to go. I am going to request there at police station to allow me, I have requested from another gentleman there. I’m still waiting, public toilets are scarce here,” says a marshal.

“We go and ask in these buildings around where we work. You go and request a bathroom; some allow us, some don’t but we force to go in because we have no choice,” adds another.

“Some people don’t allow us to use their facilities and you end up looking around the corners and relieving yourself on the streets because you need to look after these cars,” another marshal laments.

Despite Parliament passing several pieces of legislation, that promote and protect the rights of workers during the 30 years of democracy. These parking marshals say some of those rights remain a pipe dream to them. They work eight hours a day. The City of Cape Town says their monthly revenue depends on parking occupancy and payments rates. Street parking costs R4.80  per 15 minutes. Councillor Rob Quintas from the City of Cape Town explains.

“Street Parking Solutions (SPS) is contracted by the City to manage on street parking bays in high demand areas. This is in order to ensure a turn over of parking bays it’s important to note the parking marshals are employed by SPS not the City of Cape Town and as such, SPS is responsible for all labour matters.”

The ACDP has vowed to fight on behalf of these workers. The party’s MP Marie Sukers says it wants them to also get the dignity they deserve and not only employment.

” Can you imagine how it feels? The physical distress for anyone with eight-hour day to access a bathroom. The ACDP wants to stress the importance of giving people dignity not only employment but providing them with the quality of life but also emotional well-being. It is a stain in the reputation of one of the wealthiest cities in our country that people are forced to find bathrooms when they are in employment of the City of Cape Town even if it is through a third party.”

Street Parking Solutions has denied these allegations, saying the parking marshals have bathroom access when needed.

The company says there’s bathroom access at its office as well as public bathrooms, and several unwritten agreements with retailers and restaurants for the use of their facilities.

The parking marshals maintain that they have no knowledge of such agreements.