City of Johannesburg | ACDP leadership wants proof on bribery allegation linked to party members

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The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) leadership says it is awaiting proof that some of its party members in the City of Johannesburg were bribed to vote with the ANC to remove Speaker Vasco da Gama.

Da Gama, a Democratic Alliance (DA) member, was ousted in a late-night no-confidence vote on Wednesday.

The move followed allegations that he interfered in tender procurement and was biased in the council.

The Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) tabled the no confidence motion and other parties, including the African National Congress (ANC), supported it.

The coalition government led by the DA, Action SA, and the Freedom Front Plus (FFP) backed Da Gama.

ACDP leader, reverend Kenneth Meshoe says they have been told that there were bribes and exchange of money that took place and they have requested to see the evidence to prove this.

Meshoe explains, “So, at this stage it’s still allegations. I’m very disappointed and upset, and feel betrayed, because when you have a team of people you work with, and that team operates under certain agreements, those agreements must be honoured,” says Meshoe.