Good Friday and Christmas Day could be removed from the South African calendar. This is according to the president of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), the Reverend Kenneth Meshoe.

He was delivering a Resurrection Sunday sermon at the New Bethesda Church in Chatsworth south of Durban.

Meshoe says he has been informed that Christians have too many holidays and they should be reduced. He’s called on all Christians to unite in challenging this move.

“They want to start the process again, tomorrow is Monday. All I am saying, and agree with me for as long as I live, Christmas and Good Friday will remain on the calendar. They don’t care about the matters of God over the weekends. You see so many party leaders they are in churches, churches have become their playground.”

Meanwhile, Meshoe has called for the reintroduction of Bible studies and prayers at schools. He says the move would help to address the high levels of crime and disorder.

During his sermon, Meshoe also reminded worshippers of their democratic right to vote but also advised them to critically think who they vote for.