Fighting corruption in the public sector top of ACDP’s manifesto

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African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) leader Reverend Kenneth Meshoe has put emphasis on fighting corruption in the public sector during the party’s manifesto launch in Johannesburg on Saturday.

Meshoe says under the current government, corruption has crippled and in some cases collapsed the country’s institutions. He says the time has come for appointments in municipalities to be based on merit and not on affiliation because people want service delivery.

“The ACDP will install ethical accountability and skilled municipal managers and staff regardless of their race, sex, age or religion. The time is coming very soon, where people are not going to be judged according to the colour of their skin because we want service delivery.”

The ACDP has launched its manifesto for the November 1st local government elections in Johannesburg among fanfare from party supporters.

Meshoe has reminded supporters that the foundation of the party is based on biblical and family values. He says one of the reasons the country is a mess is that family values have broken down.

Meshoe says a recent report by Corruption Watch indicates that most corruption in municipalities is done by municipal managers. He’s accused government of not protecting whistleblowers, saying under their rule they will be protected.

“The current government does not protect whistleblowers there are people who want to come forward but are afraid the ACDP will protect whistleblowers.”

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