ACDP calls for urgent debate over dagga ruling

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The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) leader Rev Kenneth Meshoe is asking Parliament to hold an urgent debate and to consult South Africans on Tuesday’s Constitutional Court decriminalising dagga for private use.

Meshoe says the ruling contradicts the efforts of government and South African society to deal with drug addiction and crime in our country.

While the Cannabis Development Council and others were jubilant about Tuesday’s judgment, another negative reaction has come from Police Minister Bheki Cele.

Addressing students at the University of Zululand in KwaZulu-Natal, Cele’s stated his belief that the use of dagga is an entry level to harsher drugs.

“If the judge had asked me I would have said no to dagga smoking. The dagga smoking is an entry point of serious other drugs. They start with dagga, mandrax and coke. Which means everyone now is on the same par to start [smoking] drugs,” adds Cele.

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