Accused in Nosicelo Mtebeni murder case abandons bail application

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The accused in the murder case of Nosicelo Mtebeni abandoned his application for bail on Monday.

25-year-old, Alutha Pasile,  briefly appeared in the East London Magistrate’s Court after his arrest for the gruesome murder of his alleged girlfriend, last week.

Parts of Mtebeni’s body were found in a suitcase in Quigney in East London, while the rest of her body was found in the house she shared with the accused.

Students and advocacy groups demonstrated outside the court calling for a harsh sentence on this murder case: 

Pasile faces charges of murder and defeating the ends of justice. National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) regional Spokesperson, Anelisa Ngcakani says the accused abandoned his bail application, and the matter has since been remanded to 28 September.

“We have gotten a confession from him. He has confessed to what has happened and how he carried out the murder. So, we are confident in that. We do have witnesses. One witness saw him leaving his place of residence carrying these bags. That is what she alleges. So, we do have witnesses and we are confident about our case,” says Ngcakani.

Mtebeni’s friend and Student Representative Council member, Anande Neti, says they are calling for a harsh sentence on the matter.

“Providing us with a psychologist and they are giving us counselling services, but for now, nothing makes sense. The councillors are there but our wounds are still bleeding. So, maybe counselling will assist. We are very angry, we are very sad, this whole thing doesn’t make sense to us. We are scared because today, it could be us.”

Fight against GBV 

Nosicelo’s murder has sparked a debate about the effectiveness of the programmes that are fighting gender-based violence. Mawethu Kotobe from the Men Empowerment Network says a stronger approach is needed to fight GBV.

“We feel ashamed. We are angry as men, but at the same time we do not want to be reactionary but we want to be proactive. We want to organise ourselves and talk about these things because we believe in talking. When we talk, at least we are calm and collected and we are able then to have a voice of reason. What has happened here will forever be in our hearts. As men, we need to take a collective approach.”


Video: Activists say a more proactive approach is needed to combat GBV 

The University of Fort Hare has also strongly condemned the information circulating on social media that conflate NSFAS private accommodation payment delays with the death of Nosicelo Mtebeni. They will host a memorial service for her on Wednesday.