AbaThembu clan in KZN calls for Dalindyebo’s release

prince Azenathi Dalindyebo
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There have been fresh calls from the KwaZulu-Natal AbaThembu clan for the AbaThembu King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo to be released from prison.

Dalindyebo’s son and interim King, Prince Azenathi Dalindyebo, has met President Cyril Ramaphosa about a presidential pardon for his father.

In October 2015 Dalindyebo was sentenced to 12 years in prison. He began his incarceration on the 30th of December after a failed petition for a Presidential pardon.

Prince Azenathi Dalindyebo, is lobbying the KwaZulu-Natal AbaThembu clan to mount pressure on the government.

But he doesn’t want any marches calling for the King’s release to be organised without his permission.

He says some people are trying to profit from his father’s situation.

“The process for my father being incarcerated has been a gold mine for some people because they have turned to feeding their own stomachs. The nation should know that the current President is dealing with the matter.”

AbaThembu King Sphamandla Mthembu says:”We wish for the world to know that we as the Abathembu clan are very united even though our King is behind bars but we stand in solidarity with his son.”

Prince Azenathi has smoked the peace pipe with his uncle who had laid claim to the kingship after the King’s incarceration.

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