Hundreds of  Abantu Batho Congress (ABC) members gathered outside the Durban City Hall where the party launched its election manifesto today.

The ABC is led by Philani Mavundla who was a known ANC leader in the Greytown area, in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. Mavundla was also a member of the NFP before joining the Abantu Batho Congress.

The party says it has no place for corrupt leaders.

The newly formed ABC made its presence felt outside the Durban City Hall, filling up the streets in their green and white attire.

ABC President and well-known business tycoon Philani Mavundla made it clear that he is eyeing the post of eThekwini mayor, should his party win enough votes.

ABC President speaks to SABC News at his party’s manifesto launch:

Mavundla bemoaned the country’s unemployment rate.

“South Africa right now is under siege, the government is failing to contain the crime levels in this country, the drugs are overwhelming, the unemployment is growing every day. The last time I checked we were sitting at 32 percent [unemployment], it is just not going anywhere. In my own household, there is not a single one that is working out of my children, some of them are sitting with degrees. We need to start with the local government to get our act right, we need to ensure that we create employment, tangible jobs that are sustainable. When I was growing up in Durban, we used to have a very strong textile industry, today we are importing everything, what are we benefitting? Nothing.”

Some familiar faces in politics joined the ABC. Former Nquthu Municipality Mayor, Siyabonga Mabilabila who left the IFP, says he is contesting for the ABC.

“I am contesting my ward in Nquthu Municipality. I am no longer an independent candidate but now under the banner of the ABC, I am all in for bringing service delivery in Nquthu and we are hoping to win the entire municipality.”

Some members of the ABC believe their party has a shot at winning the hearts of voters.

Thiloshni Nagiah and Bongi Gwala from Durban had this to say.

“I am a fairly new member of the ABC and I am excited I am looking forward to bringing the change and all the stuff that is going to be happening. I think most importantly women empowerment and bringing back power to us women. We have been pushed aside, neglected, now is the time for us to rise. In the ABC I think it is going to bring massive change in Durban itself, and women and children abuse we need to stop that. We want women to be forward in positions, in industries, we know women and children are abused we want them to be vocal.”

The ABC, like other parties, believes voters will remember them come the 1st of November 2021.