The Automobile Association (AA) is launching an online petition. It wants to collect signatures to support its formal submission against the proposed amended fees for the registration of motor vehicles, online bookings to renew driving licence cards and the change of vehicle ownership.  

AA Spokesperson, Layton Beard says the new proposed fees by the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) are outrageous.  

The proposed fees were published in the Government Gazette late last week.  

They include a R250 charge to motorists for online bookings to renew their driving licence (only for booking, not the driving licence fee), R700 for the online registration of motor vehicles, and R700 for the online change of ownership of motor vehicles. An added R72 transaction fee will be charged for every transaction performed at the RTMC and R99 for the delivery of the driving licence card.  

Beard says their submission against the fees must be made by the 4th of October. 

“These proposals are published at a time when millions of motorists cannot renew their licences through no fault of their own, and a time when many people are struggling financially. Yet government thinks it’s wise to add to citizen’s misery by suggesting excessively high rates to perform even the most basic functions which should already be covered by the Transport Budget financed through taxes. These proposed fees must be seen in the context of the RTMC’s stated surplus for 2019/2020 of close on R262 million which already indicates motorists are being substantially over-charged for services rendered by the corporation,” says Beard.