AA concerned about the alleged sale of contaminated fuel

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The Automobile Association (AA) is concerned about filling stations allegedly selling contaminated fuel to consumers.

This comes after government, in a series of reports found contaminated diesel at 70 filling stations in the country.

AA Spokesperson Layton Beard says the impact this has on vehicles is immense and consumers can only pick this up in the long run.

He says there may be a possibility that petrol stations are not aware that the fuel they get from suppliers is contaminated.

Beard says, “How widespread the problem is, I think we simply don’t know. The big problem of course for consumers is that there is no way for them to actually know if the diesel they are buying is contaminated or not, unless you take a sample of your fuel and you actually have it tested at a greater expense, you will have that result.”

He adds: “But for consumers, the average consumer relies on and trusts filling stations to provide clean fuel and they do that knowing that they have done it in the past and everything is going to be okay.”