Zimbabweans push to solve own problems

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There is a strong sentiment among Zimbabweans that they should solve their problems without the assistance of bodies such SADC and the AU.

Two critical meetings are due to take place in Zimbabwe on Sunday when the fate of President Robert Mugabe could be decided.

SABC correspondent Ephert Musekiwa says, “A lot of Zimbabweans don’t want outside assistance at the present moment. You get that a lot. They are actually praising former President Thabo Mbeki who once said the problem of Zimbabwe can only be handled by Zimbabweans.”

In the next few hours, Mugabe will hold talks with army chiefs who are expected to call for his resignation.

Leaders of the governing Zanu-PF party will also discuss his dismissal as party chief.

The military took over the country last week calling for Mugabe to voluntarily step down.

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