SA showcases its tourism treasures at 37th London World Travel Market

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South African Tourism says the UK remains SA’s largest source market for international tourists outside Africa, with almost 450 000 Britons travelling to the country in 2016.

They say the latest statistics show that 9.5% more Europeans travelled to South Africa in the first eight months of 2017 compared to the same period of 2016.

In a bid to attract more tourist into the country, South Africa was one of the countries to showcase their tourism treasures at the 37th London World Travel Market.

The morning rush at Westminster in London is dominated by traffic. Taxis, cars and buses congest the streets, while some prefer the underground tube as one of the fastest ways to get around.

One can’t help but marvel over the beautiful architecture and the Westminster Abbey, a Gothic church stands in all its glory. It is one of the United Kingdom’s most notable religious buildings and the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English and later, British monarchs.

Statues stand like guards in front of most historic buildings. You could also soak up some culture at London museums, visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

You could even take the perfect picture with the Big Ben or the Eye of London, just some of the many iconic places to go in London.

The city is a mix of people from different cultures and different countries, a sense you get when touching down in Johannesburg.

The regional general manager for Europe in South African Tourism, Ian Utermohlen,  says beyond the beauty and endless attractions, tourists continue to come from the UK to SA because of the warmth of the people.

“When you come to South Africa, you actually don’t come to South Africa, you meet South Africa. South Africa is an extremely hospitable destination. People want to embrace you, be with you and show you around. One of our core features of our brands is the way people interact with visitors.

“The friendliness and welcoming smiles, always. Our brand lives through our people. Once you get embraced by our people, then you get the diverse experiences throughout the country. From safaris to adventures to deep and complex history and you will feel that through our people.”