BRICS plus Infrastructure Portal launched in Johannesburg

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A new project portal which seeks to create connectivity amongst BRICS member states projects was launched in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

The portal aims to act as a vehicle for project owners to meet with potential funders and sponsors. This initiative was launched by the BRICS Business Council Infrastructure working group.

The portal, dubbed the BRICS plus Infrastructure Portal, will be available to the global community. It will assist in unlocking more opportunities and funding for businesses.

The portal is also aimed at assisting African investors interested in opportunities in other BRICS member states.

The BRICS Business Council was established in 2013 with the aim of promoting business engagement between the BRICS countries.

The Infrastructure Working Group together with Transnet have a mandate to promote manufacturing, job creation and facilitate interaction among businesses.

The general manager of strategy at Transnet says they are working towards eradicating the infrastructure gap and the new portal will make it easier to pull investors in.

The portal will be hosted on South Africa’s BRICS business Council website.