More than 3 000 holidaymakers and locals in St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape, took part in a flash float along the canals in the coastal village.

The canals were awash with anything that floats and it was all in the name of charity.

It was holiday fun at its best. It took an hour to float the course and it did not matter if you came first or last as the winner on Saturday was charity.

All proceeds raised will go to the local Talhado Children’s Haven and Disney Creche.

The aim of the event is to raise funds for the two schools in the town. Jane Arderne, one of the organisers, says “This is a charity event. All of the money goes to Talhado Children’s Haven and Disney crèche which are two little schools of my friend Catherine and I look after in various capacities and yeah that’s it. It’s a fun day for families. It’s a celebration of our season and really a celebration of family time together.”

After years of runaway fires in the area and homes being damaged during this time, Saturday’s events hope to float the happiness into the New Year.

Fireworks have been banned for this season as a precaution.

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