Mathole Motshekga denounces terrorism in Mozambique

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Pan African Parliament member, Mathole Motshekga, says the situation in the Cabo Delgado region in Mozambique is a threat to the whole Southern African Development (SADC) region.

He has denounced external players that he says are fuelling terrorism in Cabo Delgado.

A SADC force, including South African troops, has been assisting the Mozambican government to fight ISIS-linked insurgency in the region.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Pan African Parliament in Midrand, north of Johannesburg, Motshekga said the matter must be escalated to the United Nations.

“We are deeply concerned about certain UN members that are financing, arming and instigating terrorism notably in Mozambique. These instigators are members of the United Nations. What is happening in Mozambique impedes the right of the people of Mozambique to social and economic development.”

In April this year, South African National Defence Force chief, General Rudzani Maphwanya, briefed the media about the deployment of South African troops in Mozambique: