Concerned parents from Chatsworth in Durban have decided to monitor safety and hygiene measures being taken by school transport providers. This is the second week since schools re-opened for Grade 7 and 12 learners.

School Governing Body member and parent at Crossmore Secondary School, Fathima Ismail-Adams, says she saw learners and taxi operators without masks and not practicing proper sanitising protocols.

“So, I decided to monitor the taxis that were coming through to the school and what we noticed was that the taxis were fully loaded. So, it was not the 70% capacity and the kids are full in the taxis, not wearing mask, the driver is even not wearing a mask. Now, that’s not safe at all. I have notified the school and we have notified metro as well to try and get out there and monitor what is happening because if it is (not) happening at one school. It is happening in all our schools. These things need to be enforced now. So, examples can be set and parents need to teach their children to wear their mask.”

Metro Police head in Chatsworth Venu Moodley disputes the claims. “So, we have been monitoring them close, which means wearing masks and taxis are having sanitiser within them to sanitise the vehicles. There are some operators, drivers, that do not comply. So, we will be continuously monitoring the public service vehicles, especially the taxis.”