98.2% of registered DA delegates participated in voting

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Ninety-eight-point-two percent of registered delegates at the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Federal Congress in Midrand, Johannesburg, have participated in voting for the party’s top six leaders.

Voting closed mid-morning. About 2 000 delegates started voting at six o’clock on Sunday morning.

Some political analysts say DA leader John Steenhuisen will succeed in his bid for a second term as party leader against former Johannesburg mayor Mpho Phalatse.

The party’s electoral commission has confirmed that results will be announced this afternoon.

The DA’s Member of Parliament, Werner Horn says, “They are about to go on a lockdown with either the candidate or their agents to now start the count. Hopefully, for us and not for you guys as the media, they will all be sworn to secrecy, and in terms of the programme the announcement will be made, I think at about one thirty.”

DA Federal Congress 2023| Day Two

Meanwhile, the DA’s highest decision-making body the Federal Congress has condemned the government’s neutral stance on the Russia-Ukraine war.

The DA says the invasion of Ukraine is illegal and calls on both sides to end the war and sign a peace agreement. The resolution has endorsed the view of the DA leader John Steenhuisen who visited Ukraine in May 2022.

The Federal chairperson Ivan Meyer proposed the resolution.

“What I hear is that we are supporting Ukraine, we are supporting peace. I hear that we reject the ANC’s approach to support Russia, I hear that we must not be on the side of the oppressor but the people of Ukraine. Ukraine is also the bread basket, they are also responsible for 45% of the world’s fertilisers and therefore the war has a devastating effect on food security and therefore I ask the Federal Congress to support this motion before congress.”

DA Federal Congress | Werner Horn weighs in on voter turnout: