Ramaphosa wishes citizens well with special votes

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has wished South Africans well on their special votes tomorrow and on Tuesday as well as on the actual voting day on Wednesday. He addressed the nation on Sunday night as South Africans will be voting for the 7th administration.

The President also reflected on the challenges and achievements of the 6th administration. He said the election offers South Africans an opportunity to build on the achievements of the past administration..

“As this 6th administration draws to a close, and as we prepare for the 7th administration, let us build on the progress that we have made. At this moment in our path to renewal, we cannot afford to turn back. There is more work to be done. Let us draw strength and encouragement from the difficulties we have overcome together. I call upon all South Africans to go cast their votes. We are a diverse people, but a united nation. Let us be united in our commitment to our democracy. Let us work together to build a better country.”

President Cyril Ramaphosa Addresses the Nation:

The Electoral Commission (IEC) says it is ready to administer the special votes.

Special votes for those South Africans who are out of the country have already been cast.

The IEC briefed the media on Sunday afternoon on the state of their readiness for special votes as well as general elections on Wednesday.

IEC Deputy Chief Electoral Officer, Masego Sheburi says over 1.7 million voters have registered for special votes.

“6 million South Africans have been approved to vote by special votes. Of those, 624 ,000 will be visited by our trained staff at their homes of places of confinement. This is so because they have been approved for special vote owing to their physical conditions and their inability to physically present at a voting station.”

IEC briefing on the readiness for Special Votes taking place on 27 May and 28 May 2024: