‘Strong Public-Private partnerships key for Green energy industry’

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The Director of Green Economy Industries at the Department of Trade and Industry, Annelize van der Merwe, says forging good relationships between various stakeholders including government and the private sector, is crucial for developing more industrial manufacturing plants for green energy.

She was speaking during a Climate Action session, at the Enlit Africa Energy Conference in Cape Town.

Van der Merwe says the government is also developing more policies to enable greater collaboration between various departments for a just energy transition.

“The Social capital to operate, it’s a topic that’s really important and when we look at the master plan, for example, master plans are essentially plans that are aimed at driving industrial development, but it’s a compact. It’s a compact between Government, Industry, labour, and civil society. And that’s really important that we have that compact so that we can navigate this increasingly uncertain environment, but an environment that provides incredible opportunities.”