Mbalula lists ANC’s priorities during campaign trail in Komani

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Industrialisation, end to the age limit for employment, increasing social grants and ending load shedding are the priorities of the African National Congress (ANC).

This was said by the ANC secretary general Fikile Mbalula in a build up Siyanqoba rally at Enoch Mgijima in Komani in the Eastern Cape on Sunday.

Mbalula acknowledged the gap in delivering of services, however, he encouraged thousands of residents to continue voting for the ANC.

“We will create 2.5 million jobs in South Africa. The ANC will do that now. When people finish school they are expected to have experience, we are stopping that, we have started doing that in government. The jobs that we are creating will not be limited to 35 years.”

The youth shared different sentiments after Mbalula delivered his speech.

“In terms of promises that the ANC has been making over 30 years, I don’t think they are able to manifest their promises. After 30 years they were not able to do these promises, why would we believe them right now,” says Prince White.

“We are no longer the age of 35 years, the age will not hinder anyone from being employed. We are grateful and also they will build factories, this means there will be change on the high rate of unemployment. I hope even after elections they will implement these promises,” adds Aviwe Gcitshana.

Some locals attending the rally say they still have hope that the party can address a number of challenges in the area – including water supply.

“We have water challenges, there is no water at all. We started facing the water challenge in 2022 until now, but that does not mean we will leave this party because of water. There are a lot of things that it did for us, that we can see,” says a resident.

Mbalula also welcomed 100 members allegedly from the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

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