F4SD promises real change should it be voted into power

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The Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) says it wants to increase its presence in the country and have seats in the provincial legislatures so that it can ultimately lead communities and provide services. The party took its election campaign to Botshabelo in the Free State to garner votes.

Formed in 2015 to tackle issues such as water and sanitation, housing and education, the F4SD says it wants to extend its footprint to all corners of the country, to bring real change and better service delivery to the people.

The party also wants to see the merger of the office of the Auditor-General and that of the Public Protector.

“We are anti-corruption that is why we are saying people who commit corruption they must be arrested. People who don’t care about service delivery they must be arrested. One of our manifesto is that we want to criminalise lack of service delivery because people are dying due to lack of water. People are dying because of potholes our government doesn’t care. We want to see the office AG and the office of Public Protector being one office. So that the issue of wasteful expenditure, fruitless expenditure people held accountable,” says Dr Mbahare Kekana, the president of F4SD.

Some of the party supporters say they want a better life after the 29th of May general elections.

“I’m from the ECD since being in the ECD I’ve never heard a political party speaking on behalf of ECD. This is the first party I heard doing that. So I see it as important for people to vote especially youth for the their future3.”

“This forum deals with 80% service delivery and 20% politics so the importance of voting for F4SD is that services will delivered to the people.”

The party has promised real change and accountability should it be voted into power.